About Us

We, Aaditya Enterprises established in 1991 with a purposive focus to adopt GO GREEN, destroy waste and shred unwanted papers. We help clearing away waste papers, paper materials, old and unused stationery items/paper and allied paper products from all corporate/banking/industrial sector.

We help in ethical shredding of confidential papers,books, reports, magazines and old, rejected text books/periodicals/old, piled up medical reports & folders and any other items summarily categorized to be shredded/disposed ethically.

And professionally. Thereby you get the the right to save space,get rid off unnecessary keeping and occupying waste and rubbish, rejects and turn your office/plant/ working premise neat,tidy and clean. Don't pay over the roof to keep unwanted records,papers,books,ledgers,any other paper related items. Ours is a mission to go green and help recycling the old papers to the next generation and liberate you from the clutches of dirt,waste and space occupying junk. After all, space cleaned is space gained. We undertake paper recycling studying material.


Our Mission

  • Go Green
  • Recycle for re energy
  • Save paper
  • Save trees
  • Pulping for purpose

Shredding Materials

  • Discarding office papers & stationery items
  • Old waste books,files,folders,reports
  • Cut papers,print waste
  • News print waste
  • Paper cup raw materials
  • Old records,reference copies
  • Any other paper related item
  • Light aluminium polyester paper (pharma and snacks industry)
  • Tissue paper waste
  • Newsprint core waste